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I am writing a new book

It is called:
what it is about?

Well: my life 1996-2006

what is the structure?

O... It is a dialogue

who are the characters?

The characters... o yes... all the people of Sydney that I have met in jobs or otherwise, with names and surnames and with their deeds, good or bad.


of evidences of course. I will prove that what I am saying is true. I work with reality not with fiction.

I suppose one of the characters is you?...

ya... I am going to be in there as well, but from a distance. I will be watching Hogans heroes while...

while what??

while the big duel is going on

but who are the main characters?

OK, ... God and the Devil

It is a political, religious, psychological, philosophical, social sort of book

I have been inspired by . Republic!

When will you start?