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    Yes. This is my new book. Where Jesus and the Demon are having a dialogue. For you see, I commissioned Jesus to fight my battles. I do not want to fight. I simply refuse to fight. I prefer to watch the duel from a distance. I foresee it is going to be a duel where one will claim the life of the other. It will be a struggle to even watch, so intense these two rivals will conduct the whole scenery. But I will watch. It all started about ten years ago... Oops. I am wrong again.. It all started when the world began and Lucifer wanted to measure up with God. Many battles has Lucifer won or at least he thought that he did. Lucifer was always and for ever deceitful and many faithful turned to him. But God couldn’t have that. His people where his, and no one or anything was going to stop him in conquering them back. Not even a bloody cross over the hill. The blood of God-Jesus was spread for love.

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    Cronaca Nera