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  • What are these?
  • Oh, the Greek knows what they are... I call them Financial Statements - I call it a display of FRAUD of which the Chartered Accountant/ tax agent doesn`t want to know about. And another Greek Chartered LUXURIOUS tax agent is trying to put the fault on me with the help of my belowed client

    and people say,

  • We don`t understand. Explain. There, this is the explanation:

    Last year around July 2006 my client asked me for a copy of his profit and loss because he was trying to get a loan from the bank.

    Very legitimate.

    So although I hadn`t completed his financials for 2006 I printed out a profit and loss statement. The dear darling went instead to an accountant, not to the Bank to ask for a loan.

    Namely, a Greek stalker, who wanted nothing more than putting me into trouble.

    So the document was examined by the big chief who found niente poco di meno che, a mistake on my side, at least that is what he thought.

    So my belowed client came back to me, to tell me that he was changing accountant and that he wanted every bit of documentation there and then.

    I said:

    This July 2006, I yet haven`t finished your financials, so it would be better if I complete them this year and then you can go away with no problems from my work because in order to assure that there are no mistakes, I need to do a general balance for the full year.

    He said, "NO. I WANT THEM NOW!"

    So I realised that the Greek Stalker was behind this story, and that he wanted to use the unfinished profit and loss I had given to the client to frame me for something, as he normally has been doing in the last ten years, sort The Ringlandiano tax agent, the mancusello tax agent, billello tax agent, the bold head paulino and so on and so on.

    Because of this I wrote a letter to the Australian Taxation Office telling them exactly what I thought the Greek saw in that famous unfinish profit and losss. Which I believed was a figure of Bad Debts written off and because I had a bit of doubt about them, that is where thought the problem was.

    Then I wrote a letter to my belowed client saying to him, that unless I was to complete the financials for that year without any interference from any JUNK CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT, (who keeps on pulling his penis and prick his neeples in the hope that I will correspond, while in the meantime he finds a way of getting into my house and my car and look for the deeds of brother`s house and my apartment and rip any pijama pants and pants that he sees – him or he sends someone – in a way that now, whenever I go out, I am compelled to take them with me, that is, if I want not to keep on sewing or repairing m them… Why does he do that? But of course because he is trying to prove that what he is doing, it is me actually doing it. FAT CHANCE! ), coming back to what I was saying, I would wash my hands, and have nothing to do with any problems that this stupid Greek would cause to him.

    So he agreed, he decided to let me finish up the financials for that year.

    While reconciling everything I realised what the Greek had seen. He saw Bad Debts written off. He must have asked the client "Do you have any bad debt?" My client`s answer "NO. I DON`T HAVE BAD DEBTS! I get paid for every thing". "Well" says the Greek, "Tina is wrong".
    It is you who is wrong Greek. There was a mistake on 2005 only a legitimate mistake on my side. In the sense that I written off the whole amount shown on the balance sheet, which belonged to receivables in 2001, but as I found out later by MrL`s previous accountant some of that receivable was loan. At least that is what he said.

    And when my client came to you, and then came back to me, with the nice news of wanting every thing from me, I had forgotten that problem, the idea that there could have been bad debts, and that is why I got worried and I wrote a letter to the ATO to excuse and acknoledge that I may have made a mistake…

    So, smart pants, look at the picture I am including and you can see for yourself that there is a balance of receivable of $9867.50 in the balance sheet as at 30 June 2001. I didn`t invent it. You are the inventor.


    However, because you raised the issue, I decided to check every year since I first started with this guy and I realised not only that there were Receivables in the 2001 balance sheet, but other things… hear. … hear… hear…

    It is your fault, I would never have gone that far. So do me a favour and tell MrL`s previous accountant (2001) to take it on you.. because it was you who brought it upon him. But of course nobody would do anything to him.



    So having established that the only bad debts were about $9867.00, you are quite right, in that provisional profit and loss I gave HIS MAJESTY MY CLIENT, I had stated that there may have been more… but what you are forgetting, is that MrL is not a client whose paper work is everyday in my hands. He is just a small business man and I used to deal with his accounts every three months, and at the end of the year with a general reconciliation…

    So after I would finish with his accounts, I would go on something else, and I do not normally keep in my all the things I do for this people in my head. When I have to find out something, I have to actually look at the account… I am not a super memory machine like yourself and Carolyn dear. ..

    At the time I gave him that report, not every thing had been fully reconciled for the end of the year, therefore, it was very much not the end result. It was a provisional profit and loss to give him an idea of where he was going which he needed to study the entries and check them up and probably come up with saying “I haven`t done that… “ “This is too little…” or “Too much…” They were approximate figures, not fully reconciled, and of course, I do not know if you can understand that, but until you fully reconcile every thing, you can`t possible have accurate figures.

    Well, let`s continue… and not digress very much… Oh I love digression…it makes me tingle especially when you PRICK ON SOMETHING….

    You know what I do when you do this? I draw your penis on scrap paper and I cut it in pieces… and I throw it in the rubbish bin, there where it belongs. And when I do that… you get it … and you stop it. A little exercise I saw in a book, psychological book. Very interesting things they showed me…

    Very useful indeed.

    Now, GREEK STALKER, you have to understand that I had to check every thing. I wasn`t any longer going to be HAPPY with the balance sheet and the profit and loss of MrL`a previous accountant. If before I said "He is a chartered accountant and tax agent, if he can do that, that means is ok" It doesn`t work that way any longer with me. For I wisened up. I do not believe in anything I am told.

    So I asked MrL to call him and get a break up OF WHAT HE CALLED RECEIVABLES so that I could really ascertain if all was really bad debts, or probably a double up... or whatever.

    He never got back to me. So I decided to call him. He said to me, "I will check and come back to you." He never came back so I decided to call him again.

    He told me that his bookkeeper did that work and she had written for the figure $9867.00 About $4000 was a loan

    (the accurate figures are with the ATO) About $5800 was definetely bad debts

    and the rest he didn`t know

    (all this is the hands of the ATO… my figures are approximate.. . I do not have them in front of me)

    That is what he had on file. So I amended the figures to read the way he told me.

    As you can see I thought that RECEIVABLE IN 2001 were all receivable not received… and by 2005 I didn`t think that DL was going to receive them any longer. PRETTY LEGITIMATE. Only MrL` accountant came up with the bright idea that some of it was a loan, although MrL didn`t know of any loan… but in my 2005 amendment I left it in the Balance Sheet as a loan FOR YOU GREEK PENIS PULLER… FOR YOU to fix.

    Now, let`s get in something more juicy. GREEK Look at the balance sheet picture! It says

    Cash $42,250.86 year ended 30/6/2001 and

    look at the bank statement

    it says balance as at 30/6/01 $15,628.98 No unpresented cheques, no unpresented deposits. So the balance had to be precisely the same.


    la bellezza di $ 26,621.88


    because you see, MrDL`s Chartered Accountant, tax agent, didn`t come up with much…

    Let me see,

  • back in 2001 he told me that "you know D, he just gives bits and pieces… we did his account as best as we could…" So I started Mr DL accounts in the MYOB with the balance sitting in his bank statement being only $15,628.90 after all who was I to query the work of a Chartered Accountant and Tax Agent? Of course you understand I could not possibly start with the figure he placed in the 2001 Balance Sheet as being Cash. Would I have put as initial balance $42,250.00 in the bank, I would never have balanced MrDL`s account because, as at the 1/7/2001 he only had in the bank $15,628.90. May be he spent the remainder in icecreams…? you never know… That is why he is so irashible… ? There must be a reason for that. SURELY.
  • We didn`t have an answer in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005,2006… When I asked the Accountant again

    HE GAVE ME THE SAME ANSWER. Actually a little bit different "My bookkeeper is no longer with me and that is what I have got… in here."

    Brilliant answer for a CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT and tax agent.
    Greek you already have stolen from him $80,000.00 (of course he denies it) keep on steeling HE IS ALL YOURS along with his NEW WIFE.

    O by the way Greek, we all know that you rot every time he speaks to me… JEALOUS of what is not yours? I do not give a stuff for him, but yes, any junk would do for me, except YOU.

    You know how you gave your employers the explanation that is is a family matter, that her brothers want me to marry her, and Tony and Giacomo want MONOPOLY OVER HERS AND HER BROTHER`S PROPERTIES… just read my CRONACA NERA. That is all I can say… I do not like repeating myself.

    What are you going to do with the $26,000.00 MISSING…. FLYING ON AIR?



  • I FUNCTION SOLELY AS A BOOKKEEPER AND I DO NOT ACCEPT ANY LIABILITY … ACCOUNTING LIABILITY… I have given him a letter telling him that if he didn`t allow me to rectify this matter for him, he had to forget to getting back to me.. Well, today, AFTER HE had given me the authority to do it, today, he took the authority from me again, demanding his paper work again FINISHED OR UNFINISHED. Obviously he doesn`t seem to care about the gravity of the situation. And I have got enough of trying to explain. ENOUGH… That letter that I gave him, has also been sent to my solicitor … and it says clearly that if I do not finish his things but someone else will interfere in my work than he is on his own. Today, he made his decision. Today I rang the Police and they told me that I had to give him copies of his t/r if he so asks. So I made the copies, and I called him twice to put the fax on so that I can fax them for him. He didn`t answer. His problem. When he puts his fax machine on I will fax them to him and leave him completely in your filthy hands.
  • In addition, as my clients know, I do perform accounting work, after having severely checked all figures… I never put my clients on the lurch even if they make a mistake I try to help them, AND EVEN when they make a mistake because you told them to do it. Even if I have, for my sake, to tell the ATO that the mistake was on their side, and not on mine, because, you see.. I not am prepared to put on my shoulders their mistakes and pass them as mine. YOU KNOW VERY WELL WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT. However, I will excuse them as much as I possibly can and I will rectify their mistakes apologising for them, because most of them, do not know bookkeeping in the way I do and I know that a mistake can be happening.
  • I even prepare their tax returns, but I am not ready to accept some directors firm idea to believe in your LIES AND MAY BE at the expense of the company, (AFTER ALL WE WILL SAY THAT SHE DID IT). Remember that I do tell my clients what is right to do, bookkeeping wise, but if they refuse to do what I say, and they keep on not doing what I keep on asking, then when I have to advise the ATO, I will tell them the truth and in writing, I will not put any JUNK ON ME. If I make a mistake, I apologise, but if they do, and insist on saying that it is me, under your direction, I WILL TALK.


    O BY THE WAY, it is not all about me, and you know that, Greek. This is about Accountants being negligent towards their clients. I didn`t know MrL before June 2001. His accountant didn`t know me, that means that he didn`t do the FRAUD because you are trying to get me in your bed. In this instance He just did it out of the goodness of his heart.

    Just as Peter didn`t have any paper work for his company before 2004, and the junk his accountant had done. O the mistakes I found. That is why they didn`t like me, because they realised that I was checking every thing. I wasn`t really at the beginning, but I found out the wages didn`t agree with what was shown in the Profit and Loss and when I spoke to the Accountant, I didn`t like his answer. I realised that he didn`t really know what we were talking about. I mean I had Group Certificate which didn`t add to the amount of the total wages shown in the profit and loss, and he was just figeting aroun, talking in circle. There is no talking in circle in accounting. Either you balance or either you don`t. Also I had to hear from Jonnino these words "What is to you, if we want to mix up contractors with wages?," Then Greek, you know, I check... that is me.

    STALKER... what are you going to do with them?

    I know you are mad at him because you thought that he laid his eyes on me... and you think that it is because of him that I do not do the wrotten things that you invite me to do. I KNOW YOU ARE JEALOUS..... ROT ROT ROT...

    Have you had a good little Christmas...? I know I did. With Shirlock Holmes and the disappearce of Lady ... sharks I forgot her name... anyway... because she had a lot of money or was it priceless jewlery... well she ended up like a dummy... DRUGGED by the money stealers, and put in a coffin under another body... not to be found... eventually, Shirlock dear found her... and gave her.. guess to who... the man she never wanted, that she abhorred... so it finished with Shirlock dear being very upset in failing of saving that young woman... while ... o well... her STALKER... took over her... after all he loved her so, and was pushing the wheel chair and she was smiling candidly... not knowing what was going on around her.



    Is this why you are asking for a General Procura brother of Italy, you haven`t yet understood that I as the executor of my father`s will, have taken upon myself the right of allowing my brother, Pasquale, to purchase your part of the house and your brother, Tony and Me. He is now the sole owner of the house. You have been paid, Tony has been paid, I have been paid. This is his house and not a deal in common with you and Tony big enterprise, which you instructed a Greek stooge to f….k and get me in sort of trouble. You have signed some document making this Greek do whatever he wants to me. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR THAT. AND IF HE SUCCEEDS,… MAY YOU ROT IN HELL…. BECAUSE THERE IS WHERE YOU BELONG..


    WILL MY JESUS GIVE ME TO YOU? Let me see... He does NOT like sin very much, especially LUST...

    dO i DO IT?

    Well He knows... very well... very very well... Will He give me to you?

    I know that my brothers are doing it, but will He do it?


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