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  • What are these?
  • Oh, the Greek knows what they are... I call them a couple of beautiful letters from my cousin...

    Do you have anything left to say Mr Chartered Accountant, king of justice-Junk? Patron of the BALANCE SHEET THAT DOESN`T BALANCE?

    Do you have anything left to say clero? Or you still want to put soap in my mouth to wash the dirt that you are allowing this lascivious junk to do, to say, to write, to convince... Besides you are not hard to be convinced. As long as he opens his mouth, you say: SAY NO MORE, WE BELIEVE YOU.

    You have anything left to say rituccia? Are you still waiting for the servant that you are going to give, the broom, the dishes, what else? It is about time that you come and collect the DOUBLE SHEETS YOU placed in drawer and bring back my sheets, and stop tearing my pants and underpants. I never had DOUBLE SHEETS in my life, neither did my mother, for her husband died quite a long time ago and she was sleeping in a single bed.

    As for the sexual references that you gave to proove this and that, just remember that it is you and the Junk who did, what I do is to defend myself, and if I have to resort in having an iced bag in my bed, well then I do it, and any luck I will freeze you till you shiver...

    Will you please stop coming in my house and

  • Look for my title deeds and my brother`s (I know you touched them, because, I had realised that you knew where they were, so I picked them up, placed them in separate envelopes and found another safe place, so I thought. The next day, when I came back home, at first I didn`t even think… but then, something clicked… so I had to look… where they there. They were, but one of them was not in the envelope where I put it. So I knew you had touched them.)
  • Make holes in my pijama pants (I had to throw away two pijama pants and because I had no money to buy new ones, I made them myself. Since then, I have been carrying them in my bag – for three weeks I have been doing this – so that when I go bed I will sleep with pijamas without holes that you rituccia, and the Greek make for me…) It is about time that you recognise WHO IS THE NUT HERE… AND THAT IS BOTH OF YOU… and you deserve each other. Of course you weren`t very happy when you saw that my pijama pants do not sit any longer under the pillow. That is right. If you want to tear them off, you have to tear me off, first. Come and do it, because I do not think that you are too far away from doing it.

    Now I realised that you tear off what you see on the chair - Am I supposed to carry all that belongs to me wherever I go? You are so full of yourself. For your information, this is a recurring thing - I read a book some time ago of how someone can try to set up and show crazyness in someone else. I know all the tricks… they placed tape recorders under the victim`s window, and many other things… I thought it was funny… I NEVER THOUGHT THAT THIS HAS TO BE HAPPENING TO ME, AND BY MY SISTER IN LAW`s HANDS. But then, you did write to me, a letter saying "either you speak to us or we will sue you." And so you did. Because I wasn't going to speak to you. Because speaking to you, meant to MARRY A LASCIVIOUS DIVORCEE WHO DOESN`T SEEM TO KNOW WHERE TO PUT HIS HANDS, OR WHAT TO DO WITH THEM.

  • Or, To take five Marrickville library books and make me go nuts of where they would have gone. I left them on the table. I always do. But they were no longer there when I had to return them. I checked between my books, each and every one. And today there,within my books, where I checked at least 100 times, there they were… ehi brother, the thief forgot his hammer at the place where he committed a crime and came to pick it up, ehi? I guess I have to say thanks for returning them back, because, although the library wouldn`t hear about me paying for them, I was going to buy them and return them. The reason why they were were returned by you? Oh it was because the Greek overheard my telephone conversation with some library shops, in my attempt to find a replacement and return them to the Library.
  • Stop telling my brother to yell at me as a crazy man when I do not wash the dishes the way he wants, or whether I put the spoon somewhere that he doesn`t like. I do things my way and at my age I certainly do not need to have someone to tell me how to do things. This is your work, Greek junk. Because you would love to have me around, and while you would pocket my million or so, you would command me "a bacchetta". Because that is what Greeks born 1n 1915 do. Tony and Rita stop making my brother crazy, you already made my mother crazy and then you wanted to put her into a nut house so that you walk in and be the boss in your brother`s house.
  • GREEK PACK YOUR BAGS… you can stop making me find a job. The job world is yours I can see that. Australia belongs to you. When it comes to you, nobody believes in a STALKER. You are just a normal man, in search for a wife with a million or so. And you should have her. You cannot make me marry you… I do not belong to you. I belong only and solely to my mother and father and now my mother and father are dead, and I am old enough to look after myself. I never married anyone, therefore I do not belong to anyone, not that I believe that after you marry, you belong to someone anyway. God created us alone, and we will die alone... I do not see the point of joining up anybody.

    At the moment the whole world is sinning with you…

    and you are stealing from small businesses in order to show that I can`t do my job, or better that I am somewhat deranged and put wrong decimal places… as Peter puts it.

    So far I have found Chartered Accountants and Tax agents putting wrong decimal places and I have proved it. You told every one that I was going to be imprisoned... Junk it is you who do ILLEGAL THINGs not me. C`est pas moi. As for Peter`s figures, you know very well what you did Greek, and I have the proof.

    Oh by the way, you know Greek, the chinese pattina, well, even there, now that I think, there was a $20,000.00 dumped GST OWING to the ATO, which didn`t show in my balance sheet, and the wonderful girl who put it there, told me that I had to make a journal entry, increasing the sales of the business in order to justify that the company had to pay that $20,000.00 of GST.


    I never follow orders from accountants who tell me that I have to create a fictitious figure so that their figures would match with mine. I am loyal to clients and I am discreet with their work but when they accept such stupidity… I just don`t play the game.

    And even then, I don`t reveal their names. But of course they are the loosers... while you keep on saying "PLEASE .... WOULD YOU HELP ME. She is not herself that is why she doesn`t remember me..."

    I remember you... I remember you... very very well.

  • I NEVER HAD BABIES as my sister in law and you invented, and therefore I never killed them either.
  • And I CERTAINLY AND SURELY DO NO HAVE A SEXUAL PROBLEM, not with myself nor with others. You invent stories, and make people agree with you ... at the sound of your thundering...

    And I am very happy the way I am. And you know that. Otherwise why would you be keeping on sending me recommendation of VIAGRA in my emails or my guest book?

  • And DISTRICT SUPERINTENDENT I don`t commit adultery, firstly because I am not married, and unmarried people cannot possibly commit adultery, for adultery is the game of married people.

    And secondly, because when I see a married man looking at me with lascivious eyes, I run away, as I did from your school, because you see, you didn`t sack me.

    I sacked myself.

    … I was the one who decided to stay home, until you get your act right, remember???

    And the act about you creating an educational envirnment where a teacher could teach. If we have to speak about sex, then it will be your children who were sexually abusing me, and your teachers... not me.

    Of course you had to sack me when I decided not to come back either at your school, or to the other school you had prepared for me. I just run away from the likes of you, because I understood, that what you were offering, that deal or whatever you call it, was only an attempt on your side to drop me at the front door of a nut house.

    And you have been doing this for the last ten years now... with the help of some priests that do not understand fully their duties... which is to pray God and not to build nut houses for their ... should I say victims... who unaware go to church... believing that they may find God there.

    And thirdly, a long time ago, at the time when I had a severe bad back, I offered myself to Jesus if he would take away those excrutiating pains… you see I used to walk as an old lady, I was not far away from getting a stick and walk with it.

    And He did.

    He has done many other things, but telling you it will be just a waste of time.

    So I am not about to change my mind at my sweet age of 56.


    and I do not need anybody to convince me otherwise, for, if I do not have a back pain any longer, it is not because any one of you cured me, but God himself. And to Him I owe my wonderful health. As I said I could have been walking with a stick. Instead, I can run, walk, bend ... I am well... and He did it.

  • As for teaching , I think that I have proved quite widely that I can teach, because you see, used to say semino, the public accountino, who thought it was okay not to pay me for my work, BECAUSE THE GREEK had intimated him so, you see, district superintendent,
    you wouldn`t stop all my emails,
    you wouldn`t stop all my forms,
    and you would not allow this stupid Greek man to overhear all my telephone conversations … if you believed that my lessons were garbage… you just wouldn`t.

    Oh.. about the telephone, if you think it is all in my mind, I have tons of bills, of when I used to pay $600.00 every quarter… for more than a year, because you were diverting your calls on my bill and make Telstra charge me instead of you, because you thought I WAS TOO RICH. Now that I am switching OFF the phone, after I finish ringing, my bill has become a quarter than what it used to be.

    As for emails, I have people calling me for an interview, but however, two days later I receive my initial email to them, back undelivered…, so how do they know that I want a job? How do they know about me at all? Is is because you or the Greek send them my resume... with your recommendation of packing me up in some nut house? Use your logic. You have been far too transparent.

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